Gentle Waves® LED Photomodulation Skin Treatment


FDA approved as safe and effective, Gentle Waves® is the first and only light emitting diode device for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles and rhytids. 
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Dr. Gittelman and staff are pleased to announce that we now offer Gentle Waves®, the latest noninvasive,  nonthermal treatment for skin aging and sun damage.  Who has not noticed their skin change over the years? Our skin becomes less elastic, and lines, wrinkles and scars may begin to appear.  The pores may enlarge and aging spots of red and brown may develop.  The accumulated effects of stress, smoking, sun exposure, excessive alcohol, pollution and time all take their toll.  Many chemical, surgical and thermal treatments have been developed to improve these changes but they are often destructive, uncomfortable and expensive and are subject to the variables associated with wound healing in order to produce results.  Additionally, there is often a significant down time waiting for healing to occur.

Gentle Waves® offers a new alternative to correcting the effects of time and aging with no pain and no down time. Gentle Waves®, through a process known as LED photomodulation, stimulates your skin to produce your own collagen and elastin.  In addition it "down-regulates" a destructive substance called collagenase which breaks down the collagen in our skin.  As a result one will achieve a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a smoothing of the texture of the skin,  an apparent decrease in pore size and an evening of skin coloration.

Gentle Wave® treatments are spread over a number of weeks or a few months depending on the exact nature of the problem to be improved.  A typical treatment regime would include 8 treatment sessions over a four to eight week period. Each session builds on the previous sessions to accumulate progressive improvement.  While noticeable results are evident after only a few treatments, the full correction may take 3 or 4 months to achieve.  Each session takes only a few minutes and is completely noninvasive and painless.  No significant side effects have been reported.  There is no redness or visible swelling following a treatment session so that one can resume normal activity immediately after each treatment without interfering with your busy lifestyle.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with our office to discuss this exciting treatment in more detail and to see what Gentle Waves® can do to improve your appearance.  You may also check out the Gentle Waves® website for additional information and view samples of the results that are attainable with this comfortable and affordable technique.